12 марта 2015 г.

feminism, what 4?

требования? или пожелания феминисток заставляют усумниться в их вменяемости
в частности, видно, что о половом равноправии речь не идёт

21 февраля 2015 г.

How the Germans invented gay rights

Schopenhauer proceeded to expound the dubious theory that nature promoted homosexuality in older men as a way of discouraging them from continuing to procreate.
Nationalism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism were rampant in these masculinity-obsessed circles, and Hirschfeld’s Jewishness became a point of contention. He was deemed too worldly, too womanly, insufficiently devoted to the glistening Aryan male.
the theatre and music critic Theo Anna Sprüngli, who, in 1904, spoke to the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee on the subject of “Homosexuality and the Women’s Movement,” helping to inaugurate a parallel movement of lesbian activism. Sex between women was never explicitly outlawed in imperial Germany—Paragraph 175, the anti-sodomy law, applied only to men—but lesbians found it no easier to live an open life. Employing the alias Anna Rüling, Sprüngli proposed that the gay-rights and feminist movements “aid each other reciprocally”; the principles at stake in both struggles, she wrote, were freedom, equality, and “self-determination.” References to George Sand and Clara Schumann in her speech betray an essentially Romantic vision.
Hirschfeld offered sex advice to straight couples, advocated more liberal divorce laws and birth control, collaborated on the first primitive sex-change operations, and generally acquired a reputation as the “Einstein of sex,” as he was called on an American lecture tour. To the masculinists, Hirschfeld appeared to be running a sexual freak show. Adolf Brand published crude anti-Semitic attacks on Hirschfeld in the pages of Der Eigene. Some of Brand’s associates were flirting with Nazism, and not just in a metaphorical sense; one of them later became the lover of Ernst Röhm, the head of the Brown Shirts.
In the early thirties, German leftists tried to tarnish the Nazis by publicizing Röhm’s affiliations and affairs.
To Hirschfeld, gender was an unstable, fluctuating entity; the male and the female were “abstractions, invented extremes.”

из статьи в НьюЙоркере про немецкий каминаут 19-20 вв
большие пассажи о Radszuweit, который пытался сделать гомосексуализм респектабельным и мейнстримным

25 января 2015 г.

why I am not feminist

Сначала МС была феминисткой и анархисткой -- так пишут. По крайней мере Эмма Гольдман была её сотрудницей, и, видимо, не могла не оказать своего влияния, но -- нет ничего вечного.
Под занавес МС даже демократического Кеннеди не поддержала, но тут может быть другая причина.

Феминизм -- монистическая доктрина.

Монистическая доктрина имеет два свойства:
  1. рождает инакомыслие (видимо такова природа человека) и
  2. борется с ним (чтобы остаться собой).
Преимущество феминизма в отсутствии (пока) власти, следовательно, и необоснованных массовых репрессий.

научным? методом феминизма являются gender studies, или ОБС (по-русски)

31 октября 2014 г.


из жж пиггитой очень любопытно про взросление и отталкивание, в частности:
Франклин Рузвельт

24 июня 2014 г.

Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre in Cuba

все левые (феминистки) экзистенциально одинаковы, одна любовь, восхищены островом свободы:
а Куба вместе с РФ по отчёту о работорговле в самом низу (ссылка на отчёт), то-есть, страна рабов, страна господ -- мечта левых
может показаться, что время разное, но это только кажется

бонус: левые заценили Украину

21 июня 2014 г.

Silent Sentinel

June 20, 1917: Peaceful "Silent Sentinel" pickets, who have been protesting President Wilson's lack of support for woman suffrage by holding up banners each day along the White House fence since January 10th, were attacked by a mob today as they stood alongside a banner directed at the Russian envoys who are meeting with the President. The banner read:
"President Wilson and Envoy Root are deceiving Russia. They say we are a democracy. Help us win a world war, so that democracies may survive.
"We the women of America, tell you that America is not a democracy. Twenty million American women are denied the right to vote. President Wilson is the chief opponent of their national enfranchisement.
"Help us make this nation really free. Tell our government that it must liberate its people before it can claim free Russia as an ally."
There has been a good deal of verbal hostility directed toward the protesters in recent months, even though their banners contained only President Wilson's own words of praise for democracy, or asked: "Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?" and "Mr. President, what will you do for woman suffrage?" But this was the first time the White House pickets have been physically attacked, had their banners torn away from them and then destroyed. The ringleader of today's vigilantes has been identified as Walter S. Timmins, a consulting engineer from New York City.
U.S. Secret Service agents and D.C. police officers were present, and could have prevented the violence. But the agents only stood around observing, while a police officer simply asked those in the crowd to restrain themselves long enough so he could copy down what was on the banner. There were, of course, no arrests of the attackers.
After the incident, some other members of the National Woman's Party came back to the White House fence and hoisted up some of the same banners they had been displaying for months. They were not interfered with. But Alice Paul said tonight that she and her fellow National Woman's Party members would not be deterred from exercising their right of free speech: "We have ordered another banner with the same wording, and we intend to show it in the same place."
Needless to say, all those who have been critical of the picketing from the beginning were quick to denounce today's banner, and they were joined by some new voices. The only woman in Congress, Rep. Jeannette Rankin, Republican of Montana, was the only politician expressing an opinion today who refused to join the chorus of criticism, taking a neutral stance on today's action by the "Silent Sentinels" for the present.
Picketing a President is in and of itself a new and radical activity that tends to provoke hostility, and ever since the U.S. entered the war on April 6th, anyone criticizing the President has been liable to charges of disloyalty. But the National Woman's Party feels that demanding democracy in the midst of a war being fought for democracy is not unpatriotic, but quite the opposite, and totally consistent with American principles.
How can it not be the height of hypocrisy for President Wilson to deliver speech after speech about democracy being such a sacred ideal that American lives must be sacrificed on the battlefield to win it for those in other nations, but apparently feel that it is an insufficiently noble cause for him to endorse and then lobby Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution, which when ratified by 3/4 of the States, would enfranchise 20 million women in States where only men may vote and women now have no voice in choosing those who make the laws they must obey?
Demanding a government "of the people, by the people and for the people," is no more anti-American now than when Abraham Lincoln spoke of it, and "taxation without representation" is no less unjust when imposed by Congress or a State legislature on women in our time than when it was forced on colonists long ago by the British Parliament and King George.
Failure to use one's influence to help bring about a government representative of all its people, however, is a clear betrayal of democratic principles, and therefore of America. The National Woman's Party has once again made it clear that it will continue to point out Wilson's lack of understanding of the fundamental concept of "democracy" until he takes a leading role in helping bring it to the female half of his own country.

10 июня 2014 г.

God is dead, or Nietzsche is dead

новый автор MSPP (Madeline Moran) написала хор.пост What Did Sanger See in Nietzsche ?

Якобы (см. кортинко) лозунг навеян Ницше:
“No Gods No Masters” was Sanger’s interpretation of a French saying Nietzsche quoted, “Ni dieu ni maître!” (‘Neither God nor master’)
особенно она напирала на аморализм и супермена, которые как бе опрокидывали традиционную мораль (массовую), под которой (непонятно по какой причине) понимаются большие семьи -- осн предмет борьбы МС; а вместо неё пользовали индивидуальну, самопровозглашённую.
тут её обычный приёмчег -- тактический союз с кем попа ло

надо добавить: пробовал читать Так грил Заратустра -- оч не понрави.лось

упг: ещё пара ссылок

23 мая 2014 г.

the pill song

The Song That Made The Pill OK
Casey N. Cep | May 15th, 2014

Loretta Lynn wrote and recorded “The Pill” in 1972. Her label didn’t release it until 1975, but three years wasn’t long enough to cool the controversy stoked by Lynn, one of the biggest names in country music, singing the praises of oral contraception to an audience of “unliberated, work-worn American females.” The Associated Press’s lede about the song in February of that year read, “To some, Loretta Lynn’s new song ‘The Pill’ might be too bitter to swallow. But to the country music star it has the sweet taste of success,” selling some 25,000 copies a day. The New York Times even gave it a few column inches under the headline “Unbuckling The Bible Belt.”
по ссылке ссылок больше

22 мая 2014 г.

A Brief History of Birth Control in the U.S.

Prior to modern methods of birth control, women relied on withdrawal or periodic abstinence. These methods often failed.

Around 3000 B.C. Condoms made from such materials as fish bladders, linen sheaths, and animal intestines.

Around 1500 First spermicides introduced which used condoms made from linen cloth sheaths and soaked in a chemical solution and dried before using.

1838 Condoms and diaphragms made from vulcanized rubber.

1873 The Comstock Act passed in the United States prohibiting advertisements, information, and distribution of birth control and allowing the postal service to confiscate birth control sold through the mail.

1916 Margaret Sanger opens first birth control clinic in the United States.  The next year she was deemed guilty of maintaining a public nuisance and sentenced to jail for 30 days. Once released, she re-opened her clinic and continued to persevere through more arrests and prosecutions.

1938 In a case involving Margaret Sanger, a judge lifted the federal ban on birth control, ending the Comstock era. Diaphragms, also known as womb veils, became a popular method of birth control.

1950 While in her 80s, Sanger underwrote the research necessary to create the first human birth control pill. She raised $150,000 for the project.

1960 The first oral contraceptive, Enovid, was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as contraception.

1965 The Supreme Court (in Griswold v. Connecticut) gave married couples the right to use birth control, ruling that it was protected in the Constitution as a right to privacy. However, millions of unmarried women in 26 states were still denied birth control.

1968 FDA approved intrauterine devices (IUDs), bringing early versions like the Lippes Loop and Copper 7 to market.

1970 Feminists challenged the safety of oral contraceptives (the Pill) at well-publicized Congressional hearings. As a result, the formulation of the Pill was changed, and the package insert for prescription drugs came into being.

1972 The Supreme Court (in Baird v. Eisenstadt) legalized birth control for all citizens of this country, irrespective of marital status.

1974 The FDA suspended sale of the Dalkon Shield IUD due to infections and seven documented deaths among users. Although other IUD designs were not implicated, most IUDs were slowly taken off the US market due to the escalating costs of lawsuits in subsequent years.

1980s Pills with low doses of hormones were introduced, along with a new copper IUD, ParaGard (1998). (CuT380a).  Growing awareness of the Yuzpe regimen for emergency contraception.

1990s Introduction of Norplant, the first contraceptive implant (1990),DepoProvera, an injectable method (1992), FC1/Reality, a female condom (1993) and Plan B, and a dedicated emergency contraceptive product (1999).

2000s Rapid expansion in method availability and improvements in safety and effectiveness, including introduction of Mirena, a new levonorgestrel-releasing IUD (2000), Ortho Evra, a hormonal patch (2001), Nuvaring, a vaginal ring (2001), Essure, a method of transcervical female sterilization (2002), Implanon, a single-rod implant (2006), and FC2, an improved female condom (2009).

2002 The first implant, Norplant, is taken off the US market.

2010s Ella, a new emergency contraceptive pill (2010) and Skyla, a new levonorgestrel-releasing IUD (2013) are introduced.  Growing use of the copper IUD for emergency contraception.

2013 After protracted regulatory and legal battles, one brand of emergency contraceptive pill (Plan B One-Step) becomes available without a prescription on drug store shelves.

Today More research is needed on woman-controlled methods that protect against STIs and birth control for men. Barriers to accessing reliable contraception remain for women worldwide.

Juliet Barrett Rublee

Feminist activist Juliet Barrett Rublee worked with Margaret Sanger in the US birth control movement and also produced perhaps the first US feature motion picture made entirely in Mexico—Flame of Mexico (1932), also known as The Soul of Mexico, The Heart of Mexico and Alma Mexicana.

ссылка на женщин-пионеров кино

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title viii

"Инфраструктура для изучения Советского Союза была основана сразу после Второй мировой. Это был мегапроект правительства, поскольку мы пришли к заключению, что очень мало знаем о России",— говорит управляющий директор Kissinger Associates Томас Грэм, работавший старшим директором по России в Совете национальной безопасности (СНБ) США при Джордже Буше-младшем. В 1946 году при Колумбийском университете на деньги семьи Рокфеллеров был создан Русский институт, ставший первым центром изучения стран Варшавского договора (с 1982 года переименован в честь магната и координатора ленд-лиза Уильяма Гарримана, оставившего большое пожертвование). В 1948 году в Гарварде появился Центр русских исследований (сейчас Центр имени Дэвиса) — деньги дала Carnegie Corporation. В 1940-1950-е годы при американских университетах была создана мощная сеть из советологических центров (из 17 наиболее сильных некоторые находились даже в такой глубинке, как Канзас или Огайо). Ежегодно университеты выпускали сотни бакалавров, десятки магистров и докторов советологии. В США активно учили русский, каждый год выходили сотни научных статей и десятки книг. Почти все высокопоставленные сотрудники Белого дома, Пентагона и Госдепа имели опыт работы с СССР, потому что советский фактор приходилось учитывать по всему миру.

из статьи Власти про кризис пиндонакодумов

14 мая 2014 г.


Самым ужасным примером эти женщины становились для детей, которых было много в уголовной женской каторге. Эти дети рождались как грибы, и матери, зачастую, не знали кто их отцы. Приезжавший на каторгу начальник главного тюремного управления никак не мог понять, каким образом у уголовных каторжанок, долго сидящих на каторге, имеется такая уйма маленьких детей.


Махно, прежде чем стать "бандитом", ездил в Москву, беседовал с Лениным и Свердловым и был награжден орденом Красного Знамени.

о традиционной неуправляемости и принципиальной анархичности украинцев:
"И началось, и продолжалось в течение четырех лет. Всего в Киеве переворотов было 14, причем 10 из них я лично пережил. Что за это время происходило в знаменитом городе, никакому описанию не поддается. Будто уэльсовская атомистическая бомба лопнула под могилами Аскольда и Дира, и в течение 1000 дней гремело и клокотало и полыхало пламенем"
(с) М. Булгаков

4 мая 2014 г.

American Industrial Penetration in the USSR

Всю промышленность Донбасса и Востока Украины спроектировали Соединенные Штаты Америки. Империалисты США навязали Советском Правительству строительство всех больших заводов и шахт в Донбассе. США кораблями прислали оборудование и специалистов, которые руководили Индустриализацией СССР.

США, начав Индустриализацию СССР с Донбасса, пошли дальше – строили Харьковский и Сталинградский тракторные заводы, всего 546 заводов!!!

статья целиком